RCSTQ (Love RC Technology) serves the global product market. The R&D team and marketing product team are located in Shenzhen. It has a complete design, R&D, sales and supply chain team, and has reached a good cooperative relationship with many well-known corporate brands in the industry. A complete platform and system integrating hardware, software development and Internet product services.

We hope to create a pleasant lifestyle for users. We will redefine all the processes of serving users and provide users with a pleasant experience that exceeds expectations.

Independent research and development

RCSTQ was established in 2013 and is located in Bantian, Shenzhen. It is an enterprise company focusing on the research and development of high-end electronic accessories, production and sales. The company insists on meeting customer needs with excellent design, high-quality products, perfect service, and pragmatic prices, and constantly tracks advanced technology trends at home and abroad to strengthen the development of new products.

Mature supply chain

RCSTQ electronic accessories have higher requirements for material manufacturing, mold making, and assembly molding. From receiving the demand to the final mass production, we have a mature process chain that cooperates with multiple parties to ensure that the parts will be precision processed to ensure quality. Finally, all parts will be manually assembled and tested in strict accordance with high standards. To ensure the safety and practicality of the product after it is put on the market.

A good after-sales service

Anyone who purchases RCSTQ products can enjoy the service of unreasonable return within seven days from the day after signing the receipt (subject to the express record, the same below). When returning the goods, the user must present a valid proof of purchase and return the invoice (if any). For details, please click: Service and Support-After-sales Service Policy.

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Protecting the lens and neutralizing the color are of great help. It can also prevent lens glare to a certain extent, reduce reflections, increase picture contrast, and improve color saturation.
Realize the function of remote control and release in space, realize remote operation, improve the practicability of drones and expand more application scenarios.
Strobe light
Using electronic means to make the strong light source flicker slowly or quickly, which serves as a good warning in the night sky.
Guard ring
Design methods used to protect data and functions and avoid malicious operations in the event of a failure.
DIY Stickers
Meet the user's personalized DIY needs, customize the unique appearance of each machine, and you can do graffiti yourself.
Silicone protective sleeve
Used to protect the appearance of the machine from damage, and add changes to make it have a better feel.

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