Focus on manufacturing innovative accessories to create a shooting experience that will move users.
RCSTQ Beyond Imagine

Corporate Philosophy

The lifestyle is undergoing profound changes. We believe that it is not only products and technologies that need to be changed, but the direction of real change is How to create the impression that users own the product. Artificial intelligence, voice and big data are the future of life. We recognize and will participate With such technological trends. Our expectation is to create a pleasant lifestyle for users, and we will redefine the service users’ All processes provide users with a pleasant experience that goes beyond expectations.


RCSTQ (Love RC Technology) serves the global product market. The R&D team and the marketing product team are located in Shenzhen. It has a complete design, R&D, sales and supply chain team, and has reached a good cooperative relationship with many well-known corporate brands in the industry. A complete platform and system integrating hardware, software development and Internet product services.
Since 2015, our core team of engineers and designers has been developing some of the most advanced aerial photography platforms. In the past two years, we have focused on manufacturing innovative accessories to enhance the recording experience of professionals and enthusiasts in various scenes.
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